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April 25, 2004

Open Letter to the Film and Television Community of North America

From Darryl Barker, producer of "The Edge of Reality: Illinois UFO, January 5, 2000"

"The Edge of Reality: Illinois UFO, January 5, 2000"  is perhaps one of the most important documents ever recorded for the case of possible non-human life visiting our species. As its producer, I make an appeal to the film and television community to have the courage to air this program. Specifically, I am asking agents, distributors, producers and others to represent this program by playing a role in the purchase of a broadcast license and putting it on the air, nationwide.

In an effort to find a distributor, I have contacted Lucasfilm; Dreamworks SKG; Mirimax; Mel Gibson, star of "Signs"; Robert Zemeckis, director of "Contact"; M. Night Shyamalan, director of "The Sixth Sense" and "Signs"; Jonathan Frakes, producer and director of "Roswell", "Star Trek" and host of "Alien Autopsy"; Fox Television; PBS; The Discovery Channel; The History Channel; The Learning Channel; A & E; ABC, CBS & NBC affiliates; Litton Syndications;  MGM-UA; and The Sci-Fi Channel. Some have told me they want to see "proof" that UFOs exist. In response, it must be acknowledged that today’s digital technology is rendering visual evidence as increasingly suspect to fraud and therefore, the visual medium is losing its stature as the most reliable form of evidence available. As a result, the last vestige of truth must again be found in the integrity of eyewitnesses.

Once again, I appeal to any agent, distributor, producer, actor or actress, director, writer, whatever creative role you might play within the film and television industry who may have the insight to pursue this issue and help pave a pathway for the purchase and release of this program.

Thank you, Darryl Barker                                                                 

Representation please click this link to send e-mail to: dbarkertv.com

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