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 AERIAL ANOMALY - Reported May, 2007; Posted 12/29/07; Updated 3/6/09, 2/20/2010

MAY 9, 2007





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Figure 1, above: Anomaly, photographed on May 9, 2007, 4:25pm, with a Fuji digital pocket camera.

A man who we will call Mr. T. reported the following. His report was particularly interesting to our website because the location of his event was directly over St. Louis County, state of Missouri, U.S.A.; roughly 40 miles distance from the January 5, 2000 UFO sighting. His report is excerpted below. Photographs provided by the witness are inserted into the report as appropriate.

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On May 9, 2007, at approximately 4:00pm, Mr. T was traveling home from his job, and he notices some high clouds (cirrus), that appeared to be impacted by some kind of “Rays” which cut and divided those same high "cirrus" clouds. He felt the “rays” were not beams of sunlight because their direction in the sky were at angles that were not in alignment with those which would come from the sun.

Figure 2, above: 05/09/07, 4:14pm; The first photo of a series, capturing the event. "Chemtrails" over the St. Louis area first caught the witness's attention. (March 6, 2009 Addendum: The witness has recently reported that, to his recollection, the temperature on 5/9/2007 was in excess of 90 degrees fahrenheit).

Figure 3, above: 05/09/07, 4:19pm; Approximately 1/2 mile from the location photographed in figure 2, the witness shoots another image of the "chemtrail" overhead. It is becoming clear that streaks or "rays" are appearing in the sky that do not align with those that would radiate from the sun.

Figure 3B, 05/09/07, 4:19pm; The same image above, with  increased contrast to reveal abnormal streaking or "rays".

Then, still driving home, at least two high altitude aircraft were observed flying west toward the sun and leaving behind them what looked like abnormally long contrails from horizon to horizon. As he approached his home, more aircraft were observed flying east and west, dispersing long trails of white, what many are calling “chemtrails”. One aircraft leaving behind a similar abnormal “chemtrail” flew from southwest to northeast. After stopping at a local merchant, Mr. T. got out of the car to look up and take another look at what these aircraft were doing, when he saw a B-2 bomber release a short burst of white “something” into the sky just west of him, crossing an existing, longer “chemtrail”.

Figure 4, above: 05/09/07, 4:22pm; The B-2 stealth bomber (dead center, very small) is spotted again within 60 seconds after it released a white substance from its tail section over western St. Louis County, The above photograph is a raw, unmagnified image, shot as soon as possible after the B-2 could be located once it departed the location where the white substance was deposited. The altitude of the B-2 can be estimated to be quite high, as it could barely be seen with the naked eye. The witness is not sure if his digital camera was zoomed to telephoto or not, as the camera batteries were dying and making picture taking difficult. Circular smudge above aircraft is spot on camera lens.

Figure 4B, above: Same image as #4, an arrow is superimposed over the image to pinpoint the aircraft.

Mr. T shot some pictures and a photo was captured of the B-2 overhead. The engines of the B-2 could be heard, even at its very high altitude as it went over and the B-2 could barely be seen with the naked eye. The other aircraft that flew over this immediate area, were all flying pretty fast (faster than commercial jetliners) although the B-2 was quite relaxed until its departure. (Editor's note: Estimated cost to fly a B-2 bomber is $14,000 to $20,000 per hour.)

Figure 5, above: 05/09/07, 4:22pm; Magnified portion of the photo identifies a B-2 bomber.

Mr. T. then turned back to the west to look at the “chemtrail” substance spreading out and was taken by surprise. A very strange cloud, shaped like a boomerang, was in the sky in front of him.

Figure 6, above: 05/09/07, 4:25pm; A boomerang shaped "cloud" appears in the sky, from what can only be described as "out of nowhere". Darkened lines in the sky observed from the upper left arch of the cloud toward the upper left area of the above photo are shown as observed. No enhancement or alteration of the image has taken place. The "chemtrail" to the right of the boomerang "cloud" is forked. The lower left fork is the residue of the B-2 white substance jettison. (Click photo for enlarged portion of above image).

Figure 6B, above: 05/09/07, 4:25pm; Full Frame Original Photo Enhanced Contrast with Pointers, Annotation. Click above photo or here for larger image.

The boomerang cloud appeared to be lower in altitude than other cirrus and cumulous cloud formations, from what could be judged. The strange cloud was moving from west to east. It had a definite upside-down U shape. The “cloud” appeared to have what one usually attributes to heavy water particle content as it hosted a dark grey interior, conforming to its U shape.

Figure 6 C, above: 05/09/07, 4:25pm; Cropped enlarged portion of figure 6: Boomerang "cloud" hosted dark interior, similar to clouds heavy with moisture, which contoured to its clearly defined shape. This photograph was taken a short time after the cloud was first observed. At first observation, the left "wing" of the U, was more defined, similar to its counterpart on the right side. Essentially, the sharply defined left wing has begun break up (lose coherence) in the above photo, whereas the right wing remains intact.

Mr. T. watched the strange cloud and got as many photos as possible, as his camera batteries were dying and his camera would not stay powered up. As this “cloud” moved easterly, he observed that along the top of its arch, water vapor was moving QUICKLY UP AND OVER THE UPPER CURVATURE, similar to seeing heavy fog fall over a land mass (but in reverse). This point is stressed because the movement of the water vapor appeared to be flowing, upward and over the top of the arch of a solid mass. As the “cloud” continued easterly, it began to dissipate, still holding a roughly boomerang shape, until it vanished or evaporated.

Figure 7: 05/09/07, 4:25pm; The lower left arm of the arch begins to lose its defined structure. Streaks or "rays" remain in sky, not parallel with those which would normally radiate from the sun (sun is behind tree, upper right), possibly visible thanks to chemical residue left by "chemtrails". Note the long "rays", slightly darkened parallel lines, terminate at the boomerang cloud itself, and extend to the upper left portion of the photograph.

Figure 8: 05/09/07, 4:29pm; The boomerang shape of the observed anomaly further dissipates in a time span of four minutes. The contour of the previous fully formed boomerang shape is still observed., as if the water particles are clinging to a framework.

Figure 9: 05/09/07, 4:31pm; The final waning evidence of the anomaly as suspended particles continue to adhere to the previous arched, boomerang form; moving easterly.

Mr. T. states that he has never seen such a distinctly shaped cloud and has never seen one appear to totally evaporate within a few minutes.  Although the “evaporation” of the cloud was not photographed in its entirety, it was observed in its entirety. The experience left Mr. T. wondering, was this “cloud” a cover or a screen for a solid structure; although when the water vapor cleared away, no object could be seen? The entire experience, the “chemtrails”, the “rays”, the B-2 depositing chemical, and then the strange, boomerang-shaped cloud left Mr. T. with the feeling that he had just witnessed something very strange and artificial in nature and also, due to the presence of the B-2, some sort of related government operation.

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Why was a B-2 bomber dispatched to this exact area to release a short burst of some kind of chemical and then within minutes, a U-shaped cloud formation appears out of nowhere? During the time that Mr. T. tracked and photographed the B-2 after observing its release of a short white chemical burst, the mystery cloud was not seen in the sky. The “cloud” seems to have appeared suddenly, literally, OUT OF NOWHERE. Mr. T. was taken by complete surprise. It wasn’t there, and then it was.

Upon closer inspection of one of the photos supplied by Mr. T., an area of dark pixels, forming a trapezoidal impression can be observed near the upper left outside arch of the “cloud”.  

The following photos are simple contrast, gamma and inversions applied to the image, which bring out in better detail, a suspicious protrusion from the upper left, outer area of the arched shaped cloud structure.

Figure 10: 05/09/07, 4:25pm; Photo inverted, desaturated, solarized.Take note of what appears to be a protruding structure on the outer and upper left curvature of the cloud. The area in question is slightly lighter than the color of the sky, and reveals what appears to be some texture or relief. Click above photo for enlargement.

Figure 11: 05/09/07, 4:25pm; The area in question is just to the left of center in above photo; appearing as a dark trapezoid, protruding from the interior of the cloud form. It has been considered that this area of pixels is a result of artifacts. It can be observed that other areas in the above enlargement, when contrast is increased, also produce pixels that begin to coalesce; however, comparisons between varied photo enhancements tend to produce images that reinforce the possibility that the dark area is in fact an image capture of a physical structure located at or in the cloud itself.

Figure 12: 05/09/07, 4:25pm; Increased contrast and saturation on the original photo. No other alterations. Left arch trapezoid appears to extend from within the cloud form. Click photo for enlargement.

Figure 13: 05/09/07, 4:25pm; More contrast, solarization and inversion on original photo. Left arch trapezoid is pronounced, moreso than similar area below. Is trapezoid a physical structure?


1)      How can a natural cloud formation create a defined “boomerang” shape?

2)      How does an apparently ‘dense’ cloud suddenly appear and in less than 6 minutes completely evaporate?

3)      Why does the cloud cling to a curvature pattern far into its evaporation stages?

4)      How does a random cloud create a hard edge of contrasting pixels, which appear to reveal a protruding physical structure? Are these just digital artifacts?

5)      Why the big hurry on the part of the other aircraft that left “chemtrails” in the sky over the surrounding area?

6)      Why was a B-2 bomber flying overhead and dispersing chemical at $14,000 per hour?

7)      Is the chemtrail project tied to UFO activity?

8)      Are chemtrails being used as markers for UFOs, UFO effects, or the effects of artificially produced atmospheric phenomena?

9)      Was this “cloud” a temporary camouflage for a structured aircraft?


One thing that can be seen in Mr. T’s photos is that the particulate matter in the sky, whether it’s natural water vapor, pollutant, or chemtrail residue, is either affecting or being affected by something other than solar incident light. Something else seems to be causing these “rays”. Some will credit SCALAR. Is it possible that chemtrail residue is marking atmospheric effects which are being caused by an undisclosed technology of human or non-human origin? 

If meteorologists would like to send us an e-mail regarding this cloud formation or other details discussed in this report, your correspondence is welcome. 










On July 23, 2002, the National Institute for Discovery Science, NIDS, proposed a hypothesis that the UFO seen over Illinois on January 5, 2000, was a U.S. Department of Defense, "Black Program" aircraft. The public must be reminded that although the media may portray NIDS' report as a solution to this case, it is not a solution; it is a hypothesis.

9/4/04 UPDATE: We are pleased to see the latest August, 2004 reassessment of the flying triangle enigma by the people at NIDS at: http://www.nidsci.org/articles/8_25trireport.php  NIDS' cumulative mapping of triangle sightings across the United States is cause for some serious concern by the United States government and the U.S. military.

- D. Barker


* Darryl Barker is an independent film and video producer. His documentary program "The Edge of Reality: Illinois UFO, January 5, 2000"  investigates, in-depth, the January 5, 2000, sighting of the massive triangular UFO seen over Illinois.


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