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On the Google Earth Image above, the pin at image center marks Spijkenisse, Netherlands, location of two separate triangle sightings in 2000.

On October 20, 2005, I received a communication from Mr. Danny van Eijk, who reports the following. A resident of the Netherlands, Mr. van Eijk's native language is Dutch. I have condensed the man's e-mail and corrected typos where appropriate, for this report.

"I am sorry to bother you with an email from (probably) another one of those morons who has seen the triangle but here it is. I am  30 years of age and hailing from Rotterdam, the Netherlands. After listening to the album "Come on! Feel the Illinois!" by Sufjan Stevens for the umpteenth time I started some research on some of the subjects of his songs one of which is called "Concerning the ufo sighting near Highland, Illinois" upon entering your website I saw the "vessel" me and  a good friend of mine called (name undisclosed) had not spoken about having seen for at least 5 years. It was the same "ship" we saw walking home from clubbing at 5 o'clock in the morning on a Saturday. We were in what was my hometown back then, Spijkenisse on the fringe of the Rotterdam harbour area and were talking about anything two single guys in their twenties talk about..... When walking past the metro (subway) I saw a giant triangle high up (though not too high) in the sky above us and I could easily make out some big lights on the tips of the pyramid shaped structure as well as a lot (and I mean a whole lot) of smaller lights near the back of the vessel.

It moved completely soundless and quit swiftly towards the trees that would have blocked it from our line of sight when it disappeared by either moving upwards really fast or accelerating very very quickly before it reached the line of trees (this is a point where me and (name undisclosed) at the night in question already could not come to terms on) I mostly took a stand on it accelerating  because I deemed it turning invisible to be an impossibility and rather put it down and drinking a bit too much (which actually we hadn't.)

We both didn't say a thing for about a minute and then finally said something like "okay, so please tell me I'm not going mad."  Which was the final acknowledgement that we had actually witnessed something which was not "normal." And as you would assume 2 of our friends walking about 400 yards behind us had not seen a thing and thought we were making all this up

That is until we set down for a cigarette (a disgusting habit I have quit for 2 years now) on a park bench and saw the sun come up when all of a sudden a group of 3 jet planes flew over us in the exact same direction the "blimp" had just 15 minutes before made it's trajectory. This kind of showed them there was something going on after all.

Now comes the really weird part though.

After a couple of weeks I saw the same exact thing fly over when I was making my way home and had just dropped (name undisclosed) off at his door. It flew in a 90 degree angle from the previous time I had seen it. It wasn't too clear but it was approximately the same time it had been the last time we had seen it (05.00 o'clock) but this time there was only me seeing it and no-one else. I only could see it long enough to make out it was the same sort of machine I had witnessed the first time before it disappeared behind a bunch of houses

I did not deem it worthy to inform anyone besides (name undisclosed) as people were reluctant to believe it anyway and the Netherlands are not a country were these things are news worthy (because of the low probability of it being something that is believed I guess) and after a while we didn't talk about it anymore.

Until this afternoon that is. I saw on your website what we I had seen with my own eyes that night and never have uttered to anyone but some friends and relatives.

I'm delighted but a little let down as well as I always felt really special having seen it. Now, however, I've came to learn a lot more people have seen it I am still not sure what to believe and have actually at times told people I do not believe in UFO sightings while I have witnessed two myself.

Thank you so much for having this site and I will go and read everything that is on it now as I didn't even take the time to do so because I wanted to let you know about our "experience" first...

Thank you,

Danny van Eijk


Spijkenisse, Netherlands, location of two triangular UFO sightings, weeks apart.


In a follow up investigation, the man submitted answers to the following questions:

Exact time and date of sightings?
Sighting 1: Summer 2000 at 05:00 (AM)
Sighting 2: Summer 2000 at 05:30 (AM) (about 2 or 3 weeks after the first sighting.)

Exact Locations (reference street names, state, province, country, etc)?
Sighting 1: Hekelingseweg/Heemraadlaan, Spijkenisse, the Netherlands
Sighting 2: Kikkerveen, Spijkenisse, the Netherlands (about a 5 minute walk from the first sighting.)

Full name and ages of all witnesses?
Sighting 1: Danny van Eijk, age 25 and friend, age 20
Sighting 2: Danny van Eijk, age 25

Were there others who may have seen the object that you may not know? ( no answer)

Approximate Size of objects?
Sighting 1: Giant. Around 150 meters up to around 175 meters.
Sighting 2: Same vessel.

Approximate Altitude (height) of objects?
Sighting 1: Not higher
than 200 meters the first time. (600 feet) The first time it flew directly over us.
Sighting 2: Not higher than 400 the second. (1,200 feet) The second time I was looking up in an angle of 45 degrees and I saw it from the back (could only make it the underside though.

Approximate Speed of objects?
Sighting 1: At first it moved quite slowly (20 km/h) but then it disappeared from our sight at once.
Sighting 2: Swiftly moving out of sight (approx. 80 km/h)

Color of objects?
Sighting 1: Dark colored I would have to say black
Sighting 2: Same vessel

Exact Shape of objects?
Sighting 1: Triangular but not a triangle where all sides are of the same length. The two sides forming the sides and front were longer then the rear (only slightly.)
Sighting 2: Same vessel

Could you see any detail (s) on the underside of the objects?
Sighting 1:Some large lights and a lot (a lot, lot, lot) of smaller ones increasing in density towards the rear of the vessel.
Sighting 2: Same vessel.

Direction objects traveled (north, east, south, west)?
Sighting 1: East
Sighting 2: North

Were you or other witnesses under the influence of any substances that could
impair your judgment of size, height, etc.?  Only during the second sighting I had drank a couple of beers. During the first I was completely sober and had had two beers at around 11ish. (PM)

Exact Placement, size and color of lights on objects?
Sighting 1: Some large ones distributed evenly over the underside of the triangle (however there were more in line on the back as I tend to remember) and some smaller once all over the ship but increasingly more dominant towards the back of the vessel.
Sighting 2: Same vessel

Approximate number of lights on objects?
Sighting 1: Couldn't honestly say.
Sighting 2: Same vessel.

Anything unusual about the lights of the objects?
Sighting 1:The were not consequently bright, they seemed to change in brightness and it even seemed some of the smaller once turned on and off towards the rear creating a sort of wavy look. I did not see any colours on the vessel like in some of the schematics on your website though.
Sighting 2: Too short a sighting to have noticed anything unusual.

Could you see sides or top of the objects?
Sighting 1: No
Sighting 2: No

Could you see any opening in the objects?
Sighting 1: No
Sighting 2: No

What books, TV programs or movies have you seen about UFOs? The usual. Close Encounters, Independence day and recently War of the Worlds and Ed Wood.

Could you hear ANY kind of sound from the objects?
Sighting 1: Nothing what so ever.
Sighting 2: Again nothing

Did you feel any wind movement from the objects?
Sighting 1: No
Sighting 2: No

Did you hear about anyone else seeing a UFO on the dates in question? Apart from (his friend who was with him), nothing.

Who did you tell about your experience? What were their reactions? Friends, ex-girlfriend, parents. Only my parents seemed to think I was for real.

Did you inform police or government officials of your sightings? (no response, but initial e-mail indicates that he did not.)

Are people in the area closed minded about UFOs? Definitely, I was as well.

Is there an Air Force base located near to the sighting locations? Not that I know of.

Are there any power plants or bodies of water near the sighting locations? Water is everywhere (the Netherlands are  a very "Wet" country.)

Are there any aircraft contractors (military or otherwise) in the area of the
sightings? Rotterdam airport is 24 kilometers away.

Is there any history of UFO sightings in your country?  Not that I know of.

Do you think the objects could have been man-made?
Sighting 1: Yes
Sighting 2: Yes

What do you think you saw?
Sighting 1: No idea, even after 5 years I am still not sure what to think. (Why would there be so many lights on something secret?)
Sighting 2: Same vessel


The witness indicated that fighter aircraft of the Royal Netherlands Air Force usually do not fly missions at 5:00 am in the morning. Furthermore, to the witness's knowledge, standard fighter aircraft for the Royal Netherlands Air Force is the F-16. There were three and they flew what would have been a pursuit trajectory of the object.

Regarding the following Royal Netherlands Air Force Bases....

Wikipedia links:

......Woensdrecht is the nearest air force base to the sighting location.




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On July 23, 2002, the National Institute for Discovery Science, NIDS, proposed a hypothesis that the UFO seen over Illinois on January 5, 2000, was a U.S. Department of Defense, "Black Program" aircraft. The public must be reminded that although the media may portray NIDS' report as a solution to this case, it is not a solution; it is a hypothesis.

9/4/04 UPDATE: We are pleased to see the latest August, 2004 reassessment of the flying triangle enigma by the people at NIDS at: http://www.nidsci.org/articles/8_25trireport.php  NIDS' cumulative mapping of triangle sightings across the United States is cause for some serious concern by the United States government and the U.S. military.

- D. Barker


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* Darryl Barker is an independent film and video producer. His documentary program "The Edge of Reality: Illinois UFO, January 5, 2000"  investigates, in-depth, the January 5, 2000, sighting of the massive triangular UFO seen over Illinois.


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